Conference Keynote


Rick Clemmer, NXP:
Protecting the Internet of Things: From Clear and Present Danger to Robust Security
March 14th, 2017, 1:30 PM




Riccardo Mariani, Intel:
IoT: Functional Safety and Security for a World of Software Defined Autonomous Things
March 15th, 2017, 09:30 AM


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embedded world Conference 2017

14.-16.3.2017, Nuremberg, Germany


Securely Connecting the Embedded World

The embedded world Conference is where the world's embedded community comes together. This time round, the 15th staging of the event, the focal theme of the 2017 conference is "Securely Connecting the Embedded World".

Embedded world: That means, given the growing complexity of systems overall, the inevitable paradigm shift towards comprehensive understanding of systems and a seamless and pervasive development process for all domains.

Connecting: Many emerging communication technologies pave the way for innovative local, regional and global networks, and play an essential role in driving the Internet of Things and embedded cloud.
Securely: More networking means more vulnerability, more risks. Protective measures and security architectures for limited-resource embedded systems are increasingly important.

At the embedded world Conference, the brightest minds of the Embedded-Systems-Community are sharing the best, most efficient and secure solutions for upcoming challenges. "Securely Connecting the Embedded World" is the theme of the embedded world Conference 2017. The combination of 15 classes and 36 sessions over three days enables you as a conference attendee to take home a maximum of know-how.

36 Sessions and 15 Classes!

In the sessions of the conference program you hear developers and decision-makers present a variety of ideas for solutions and their experience in Embedded Systems development in concise half-hour talks. Plus a summary view of selected technologies and current trends.

Quite different the classes – in workshops lasting half a day or throughout the day reputed experts speak on special topics. This format is aimed primarily at participants who want to familiarize basically, thoroughly and efficiently in a subject matter. Straightforward dialog with the experts helps to clarify specific questions. And is an excellent opportunity of quickly expanding your current expertise. The classes are didactic to guarantee maximum learning goals.


The fourty person jury of renowned experts has composed an excellent, technically in-depth conference program from the large number of submitted contributions and invited papers. Members of leading European institutions like Fraunhofer Institutes and other research facilities and universities played an active role in shaping the conference agenda. For this reason too, attendees can expect papers of an impressive standard, plotting the future, but at the same time reflecting real practice and oriented on solutions.