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embedded world Conference 2019

26.02.-28.02.2019, Nuremberg, Germany

Speakers Corner

Information for Speakers:

We are very pleased that you will be joining us for the embedded world Conference (ewC) in Nuremberg, Germany, on 26 - 28 February 2019. Congratulations as the program committee selected your submission.
First and foremost, we would like you to be aware that you are now affiliated with the embedded world Conference 2019, and that your presentation plays a vital role in the success of the conference. Our main objective is to produce an event recognized for its high-caliber technical presentations. Therefore, we strongly request speakers to refrain from giving commercial presentations.

Marketing pitches severely mar the high professional quality and integrity of the conference. Also it should be noted, they diminish the credibility of the speaker for attendees, who are expecting content-rich sessions. Session chairs are requested to interrupt marketing driven presentations with insufficient technical content. Also in the next years, we will not invite speakers who deliver a presentation with a focus on their company's products or services or who otherwise compromise the spirit of the speaker's role as outlined here.

Deadline Final Paper:  
Please send the final paper (PDF-file) to:
by Friday, 18 January 2019 at the latest. 

As an online submission form is not available, please transfer all files via E-Mail!

• Your paper will be published in the digital conference proceedings (ISBN) with page numbers. The proceedings will be made available to all participants of ewC. It also will be available online. The edition of 2018 is available at

Please meet the given deadline to make sure that your files can be included. The proceedings paper is a requirement for all speakers at the embedded world Conference. The papers are of the utmost value to our attendees.
In addition, also your presentation slides will be made available to all ewC participants. Download will be possible with a password after the end of the conference.

We request all embedded world Conference 2019 speakers to use the enclosed template for the conference article/final paper.
•    File naming:
     Please use the following format for labeling your files:
•    Please transform your final paper into PDF-format yourself. Do not forget to include special fonts and to finally check the PDF-file for graphic and fonts faults.
•    Please use the enclosed template for the final paper document.

Presentation Slides:  
• In order to prepare for the event, we ask you to send your presentation slides (.PPT-file; 16:9 format) to until Friday, 8 February, 2019 via E-mail.
• Just in case: Please bring a USB memory stick containing your presentation with you!!
• We will treat the files confidentially until the date of the conference.
• Each conference room is equipped with a notebook containing all transmitted presentations.
• Please let us know if you need any further special technical equipment for your lecture.
• Please make sure that you are able to attend the whole session your presentation is part of.

• Please also provide your CV, so that the session chair can present you personally.

General Information:
• You are already registered for the embedded world Conference 2019. As a speaker you can attend all ewC Sessions free of charge. ewC Classes will be charged with a 50% discount on the fees. You will also receive a complimentary ticket for the embedded world Exhibition.
• When arriving at NürnbergMesse, please come immediately to our conference registration counter (located in the entrance hall of NCC Ost) to pick up your conference badge, the exhibition ticket and the proceedings. This is very important to smoothen our planning and fallback process! Please look out for the sign “Speakers”. Our team will welcome you from Tuesday, 26 February, through Thursday, 28 February, from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM.
• You will receive a complimentary lunch ticket for the day of your presentation. Additional lunch vouchers can be purchased at the conference registration desk.
• An updated conference timetable and room details will be provided at the conference registration counter along with your badge.
• In each conference room, a presentation notebook with MS Powerpoint 2010 and ADOBE Acrobat Reader and a projector will be provided. Please bring the final version of your presentation on a USB memory stick for copying the file onto the presentation notebook. Please do this latest (!) before your session block starts. Also we expect your presence in the whole related session, at minimum for the session block between two breaks. It is not acceptable to just come along to your presentation.
• Should you have any delay while travelling to the conference – please inform us immediately.
• Phone: +49 (0) 152.55229104
• If required, take your time and prepare your presentation in the Kopernikus Lounge on Level 2. Only speakers and committee members are admitted. Free WiFi access for speakers will be available in the lounge. 


Due to numerous enquiries concerning conference fees for co-authors, the Conference Committee has decided to proceed as follows:

• If your co-author wishes to attend the conference, the attendance of the session your paper is scheduled for is free of charge. This free admission is limited to only one co-author.
• In order to attend any further ewC Sessions or Classes, your co-author(s) should register separately for the sessions of the conference he/she wishes to attend.
• In this case, the conference organizer grants the co-author a 50% discount (please note "co-author" after your last name during registration).

Travel & Accommodation:

• Please book your hotel room in due time. Please refer to the conference website.
• Hotel and travel costs are at your own expense.